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pets, humour, cancer, therapy dog, pet parents, dog stories, anxiety

Tails from the B Side
A Dog’s Journal About the C Word, Life and Human Foibles
by J. Nicole Little

Tails from the B Side is a dog's-eyed view of life from our narrator, Beowulf, a lovable and hilarious canine, who give readers his everyday observations of living with an anxious human in a quirky world. As a therapy dog and “reading tutor,” Beowulf has insights into humans, both large and small, and his furry friends keep him on his toes, getting him into all manner of comical situations!

Written in short story format, we travel alongside Beowulf from the beginning of his unexpected cancer treatment to beyond the rainbow bridge, as his human companion clearly needs some help navigating the world. Along the way, we meet the characters who make up the stuff of everyday life, and end up being unexpected teachers and guides.

Tails from the B Side is incredibly funny, heartfelt, and offers a rare insight into us humans from the viewpoint of a dog.

"A cross between Allie Brosh and David Sedaris"

Deanne Loubardeas (AKA Momma D, Could be slightly biased)

"These stories are funny but too long"

Janet Renton (Beowulf's Long Suffering Vet)

"This is just confusing"

Grandma Judy (AKA GJ)

J. Nicole Little photo

J. Nicole Little is a mental health therapist who has written much about her own experience with being human and fallible on her popular blog. Before his passing, Beowulf was the light in her heart, and the time during his cancer treatment put a lot of things into perspective. He was the heart and soul of this book and was her greatest life lesson.

J. Nicole Little lives in Victoria, British Columbia, with her partner and their four-legged family of three dogs and two cats (although there is always room for more!).


J. Nicole Little
Nicholas Donovan Mueller

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