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  • Decency And Deception

    Encouragement for a Struggling Nation by

    Decency and Deception: Encouragement for a Struggling Nation, takes the reader on an information pack journey looking at the events that transpired leading up to and during the Trump Presidency. Describing those elements that defined, and haunted ...

  • The Political Campaign “How-to” Guide

    Win The Election by

    “I wasn’t lucky. I deserved it.” - Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher The Political Campaign “How-to” Guide is a book that offers step-by-step guidelines on how to win an election as well as providing answers to questions a candidate may have about ...

  • What Does Green Mean?

    The History, People, and Ideas of the Green Party in Canada and Abroad by

    Canadians have seen Liberal governments. They’ve seen Conservative governments. And they’ve seen New Democrat governments. But as of 2019 they still have yet to see a Green government. Around the rest of the world, however, Green Parties have ...