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  • Smell the Roses

    feel the soil / reach the sky by

    “… yes, smelling the roses – as we root ourselves firmly in life, grow into our humanity, and reach our destiny.” AWR Sipe “The largest task of life is to love. And love is the only ...

  • Keepsake

    A Souvenir of Love by

    “Keepsake – A Souvenir of Love” is a book inspired by the poet’s love and devotion for the Spiritual. Her poems are inspired by the wisdom of her spiritual journey and the values and ethics she has embraced. The book contains several inspirational ...

  • His Marvellous Favour


    His Marvellous Favour takes the reader on an odyssey deep into messages of forgiveness and freedom, protection and blessing, wisdom and worship. Discovered while walking in faith and obedience, these messages will inspire readers to either renew ...

  • Oasis of Love

    Whispers of The Soul by

    At the heart of Oasis of Love, Whispers of the Soul is unity and love; from family and spiritual oneness, to nature and social equality, Judy Shannon’s poetry beckons the reader to consider the ethereal and mysterious moments in life as what makes ...

  • Unbalanced Thoughts


    One thing we must never cease to remember; although the trials of life seem to be extremely hard at times. Always keep this one thing in mind. If I can see it, its temporary, which means you don't have to continually try to carry your burdens all ...

  • Love Breathes With Me

    A Book of Poems & Prayers by

    Love Breathes With Me is a collection of simple poems and prayers that have emerged through Cathy's soul journey. Experience poems of personal reflection and prayers for community and for solitude. These lyrical words will guide you into still ...

  • Ho Ho Too!


    Ho Ho Too! is the third in a trilogy of my books including Ho Ho Ho! and Ho Ho Two!. It is a continued collection of images and verse to resemble the appreciation of the festive Christmas season. My intention is to Inspire and bring delight to ...

  • Courage at Three AM


    Who among us is ready to face death with eyes and heart completely open? Who among us is ready to account for all that we have said and done, for all our battles lost and won? Who among would have the courage to pause at the very fulcrum of life and ...

  • America Tattwamasi


    America Tattwamasi is a unique mix of religion, politics and spirituality, expressed in poems trying to fathom the depth of philosophy, surrounding our life and the universe. Most importantly, it has offered a wonderful vision of looking at America, ...