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  • A Treatise of Humanism


    Today, the human species is collectively confronting a complex existential crisis comprised of a number of diverse elements: political, economic, religious, technological, and environmental. The globalization of information and commerce has revealed ...

  • Existentialism Now

    Realizing the Dream of a Whole Self by

    Existentialism Now brings the reader face to face with the stunning realization that each of us has total freedom and total responsibility for the entire world. Setting this realization of salvation in motion is easily arrived at by simply ...

  • Gagging on Profundity

    A Collection of Philosophical Humor by

    “Humour of the philosophical pedigree can ‘bring us up short’, break us out of our commonplace acceptance, our slumber dogmatic, and require us to reassess what we thought we knew, or ask questions about that which had previously lain fallow in our ...