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Humanism, Empiricism, Liberal democracy, Ethics, Rationality, World Order, Objectivity

A Treatise of Humanism
by Charles Thomas Taylor

Today, the human species is collectively confronting a complex existential crisis comprised of a number of diverse elements: political, economic, religious, technological, and environmental. The globalization of information and commerce has revealed to us the universality and interrelatedness of all of these factors. A Treatise of Humanism is an attempt to address the human crisis through an examination of ourselves: our past, our possibilities for a future, our common rational capacity (which should give us hope), and our common human nature. As a philosophy of humanism, this book shares many ideas with existentialism, and it may in fact be viewed as a work of American existentialism, focused on our common human condition and on what we may need to do to continue to survive and to thrive together, not only as a species of life unified through reason but as an interrelated collectivity of unique human individuals.

Charles Thomas Taylor, MBA, MS, was born in Orange, New Jersey in 1941. While obtaining a bachelor’s degree in accounting at La Salle in Philadelphia, Taylor discovered his affinity to philosophy, which led him to write several books throughout his life beginning at age 28. This work is his eighth and most consummate endeavor, combining many years of thought, research and hard work. After a successful career in business, Taylor retired at age 73 and currently resides in Erie, Colorado, where he continues to write and explore philosophical ideas. Along with writing, he enjoys reading, hiking and attending classical music concerts. He is an accomplished pianist, organist, composer, and devoted father to Karen.


Charles Thomas Taylor

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