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  • Infinity


    Infinity-To an infinite degree. Lacking limits or bounds. Something beyond measure of space and time. How can it exist? many are the self proclaimed experts who would own or claim limit, but it is the unlimited that humanity has pondered since the ...

  • Is The Emperor Dressed?

    Theism or Evolutionism by

    A book completely outside the mainstream of the world, looking at the relationship between humans, divinity and science in an unusual way. It may bring some new inspiration to the world It’s a little surprise for some readers. Facing a lot of ...

  • Incomplete Ignorance at Play

    Poetic Musings on the Origin and Destiny of Human Life by

    In verse, rhyme and original art, Incomplete Ignorance at Play demonstrates the author’s incomplete ignorance of the many subjects this poem addresses. It is divided into three books - Emergence, Divergence and Convergence – where topics from the ...

  • Muse in the Gothic Tower

    A Compilation of Poems by

    We glorify our good experiences but we learn and grow most from our heartache and mistakes. This compilation is one person’s twenty year journey through the emotional hardships and joys of being human. Our past is light and dark, as are we, and to ...

  • Evolutionary Love and the Ravages of Greed


    The widespread turmoil in the human community today is a symptom of the dominance of unchecked desire, or Greed. This book distinguishes two ancient concepts of love (the Greek ideas of agape and eros) and explores how agape, the driver of ...

  • Perception, Knowledge and The Question of Importance

    Seeking Reality, Certainty and Morality in a Twenty-first Century Philosophy by

    Where would people like Aristotle, Descartes and Kant have taken their thinking if they had had from the start the benefit of twenty-first century scientific knowledge and some hundreds or thousands of additional years of human history to consider? ...