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  • The Twelve Poems Of Knowledge

    The Key To Your Subconscious by

    This is a book of twelve poems. I wanted the reader of the poems to know how to do things by them alone. They are pure refined knowledge in simple words explaining how to Astral Travel, have OBE,s, Lucid Dream, See Energy and much more. I have added ...

  • Nola's Quest


    Journey with Nola and her companions through illusive lands of Earth’s Hollow, with Mole as guide to the distant Himalaya, the mountain of many mystic secrets. Along this journey, Nola explores worlds of soul and dimensions unknown to the material ...

  • A Conflict of Self Interest

    Living For Ever by

    Self or Soul is an essential energy centred in every living body and is about instinct, species survival and coexistence with all other Life. It is not a belief nor any part of Brain. Brain is the natural manager of the body in which Soul exists. ...