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  • Cosmism

    A New Hope for Humanity by

    Standing on the riches of humanity’s holy books and traditions, drawing on our wealth of scientific and technological knowledge, and injecting his own creativity and humour, Yoda Oraiah presents his readers with a potential new religion—Cosmism. ...

  • A Healthy Controller

    Live, Love, and Thrive as by

    Maximize your potential as a controller and learn how to live, love, and thrive with a controller personality type. Having trouble communicating? Struggling in your relationships with others—or yourself? Author Rebekka Jensen, a fellow controller, ...

  • True Wisdom & Knowledge

    A Self-reinforcement Book by

    Drawing heavily on the key themes of moral strength, wisdom, positivity, harmony, faith, clarity, passion, love, spirituality, courage, misfortune, hypocrisy, jealousy, and betrayal, True Wisdom and Knowledge offers a kind of guidebook for living ...

  • Magic

    A Practical Philosophy of Being by

    Magic has been understood in a number of different ways throughout human history, from a sign of religious communion, to the invocation of the dark arts, to the magician’s employment of chicanery, to the best-sellers stacks of children’s fiction ...

  • Designed to Succeed, Programmed to Fail


    We are designed to succeed in life however, when we live our lives with wrong thoughts, beliefs and practices, we program ourselves to fail. This is especially true when it comes to women, who are denied freedom and opportunity in life. Through the ...

  • Magical Forces Within

    Extraordinary Discoveries in an Ordinary Life by

    What if you started to notice the messages that life sends you? What if by paying attention to the symbols, warnings, and insights, you could solve the mysteries in your life and reveal your own destiny? Through stunning real-life stories, many ...