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  • Minor Gods and Major Scoundrels


    poetry that fails to cock a snook at human folly and is insufficiently outraged with the stupidly cruel and the corrupt is far too soft and best left unwritten and poetry marinated only in vinegar with neither levity nor sweetness is much too hard ...

  • Songs From an Old Heart


    Let your heart be heard! Write it, sing it or hum it. Not being gifted with the talents of a vocalist, I have not been able to give life to these songs. There is sheet music at the back of the book for some of the poems. If however, you'd like to ...

  • Past Passed

    A Collection of Rock N’ Roll Poems by

    Kurt Cobain. Michael Stipe. Gord Downie. What do all of these artists have in common? They have all been major influences on the author and her poetry. This book contains over 100 original poems written in the author’s own poetic language that ...

  • Poems & Songs

    Old & New by

    Poems & Songs Old & New is a collection of 120 songs and 55 poems by a writer that clearly adores them. There is a lot of love in the reproduction of so many songs and poems that people remember and appreciate, including such classic songs as, ...

  • Poems, Lyrics and Short Takes


    Here is a fascinating blend of prose, lyrics and poetry that probes a range of human expression from reverent to somewhat less than fully reverent This is a presentation of so many topics that it can be described as a morph of almost any ...

  • Song Lyrics

    Selections from 1986 - 2018 by

    James Strecker has published both poetry and song lyrics for over four decades. His writing and criticism have received the admiration of major artistic figures - including Oscar Peterson, Karen Kain, Sonny Rollins, Martha Henry, and B. B. King - ...

  • When I Was A Child... A Lyric For Life

    Journal For A Songwriter by

    Born into All Hallows. Wishing on a star of more than Just because. So why you tell me All my saints, they don’t exist But your Jesus does? When I was a child, life was full of wonder and magic held fast by a child’s imagination and not by what ...