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  • Bach's Sonic Tapestry

    The Well-Tempered Clavier of 1722 by

    There is a reason why good teachers insist their pupils study Bach. Every note counts as with no other composer. I’ve played some Bach in my time . . . but it is fair to say that he has never been front and centre in my repertoire. Until now . . ...

  • Music for the Soul

    Experiencing Classical Music through Informed Listening by

    "Informed listening demands knowledge, context, and meditative practice. Even in ideal circumstances, imparting the musical knowledge required for engaged listening is a challenge not easily met. It is refreshing to encounter a well-reasoned and ...

  • The 100 Greatest Composers and Their Musical Works

    An Introduction to the Fascinating World of Classical Music by

    His fascinating exploration takes you inside the rich music and colorful lives of the world’s greatest classical composers. From Bach to Stravinsky and beyond, you will learn how the unique life stories of these gifted composers are reflected in the ...