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  • Affordable Healthcare

    Challenges to Solutions by

    Our healthcare system is on life support. It does not need temporary relief. What it needs is intensive therapy for a quick recovery. We need to abandon persistent past failures and current abuses to pursue a fundamentally different approach to ...

  • Drug Safety

    Problems, Pitfalls and Solutions in Identifying and Evaluating Risk by

    With “Big Pharma” garnering an increasing number of negative headlines due to reports of adverse drug reactions and a surge in prescription drug addiction and overdose deaths, many people are increasingly skeptical about the safety of modern ...

  • Without a Manual

    The reflections of a woman in her forties determined to live her fullest life, while facing terminal illness by

    In 2009, after being diagnosed with Erdheim-Chester Disease, a rare, life-ending illness, author Sandy Trunzer began a blog, with the simple intention of keeping friends updated on her health. Over time, and with feedback from an ever-increasing ...