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  • Invisible Insanity

    A Social History of Mental Illness by

    From the frontlines of the fight for dignity and appropriate treatment for those struggling with mental health challenges, John Deadman, Sam Sussman, and David Streiner offer a social history of mental illness in Canada and the world that is rich...

  • Dying to be Seen

    The Race to Save Medicare in Canada by

    Canada’s public health care system is under attack. Defunding, deregulating, defrauding, and deliberate disintegration have manipulated Canadians into despising their once-beloved system as unsustainable, unfixable, and cost-prohibitive. There is...

  • Without a Manual

    The reflections of a woman in her forties determined to live her fullest life, while facing terminal illness by

    In 2009, after being diagnosed with Erdheim-Chester Disease, a rare, life-ending illness, author Sandy Trunzer began a blog, with the simple intention of keeping friends updated on her health. Over time, and with feedback from an ever-increasing...

  • Dark Agenda

    How to Manufacture a Pandemic by

    What is the purpose of the medical industry? Is the health of the people really its goal? Medicine has become a sacred topic, unchallenged and undiscussed. But now, more than ever, it needs to be examined more closely. Samuel Dancey argues that...

  • Drug Safety

    Problems, Pitfalls and Solutions in Identifying and Evaluating Risk by

    With “Big Pharma” garnering an increasing number of negative headlines due to reports of adverse drug reactions and a surge in prescription drug addiction and overdose deaths, many people are increasingly skeptical about the safety of modern...