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  • Free To Be... I Rely on Me

    Marlo the Island Girl by

    Follow Marlo the island girl through her hopes and dreams as she swims amongst the orcas, sea lions and otters. Join her as she flies on fairy wings with the humming birds and dragon flies as she conquers her worries and fears. Let Marlo help you ...

  • Adventures in the High Meadow

    With Tiac, Eo, and Wooly by

    “Adventures in the High Meadow” tells stories of three friends (a girl, a horse, and a wooly mammoth) as they meet animals and situations present 10,000 years ago. The traits of the animals they meet are demonstrated. In many cases, the three help ...

  • The Incredible Dreams

    Your Light Guides the Way by

    The importance of dreaming should never be underestimated. Dreams are the manifestations of our imaginations. They are our subconscious thoughts, and when fully believed, can become reality. Dreaming is the first and most essential element to ...

  • The Missing Mushroom Mystery


    When Emily sat down to rest after wandering deep into the forest, things started to change. She witnessed things she never knew went on in the forest. It was quite startling but soon she found herself caught up in a mystery, one that she must follow ...

  • A Boat in My House


    Bert isn’t excited about his summer break before fourth grade. He has to stay home and look after his little sister, Meg, while his friends go to camps and take vacations. But when Bert and Meg arrive home on their last day of school, they discover ...

  • I Am A Kitty


    Taryn Amelia is one creative little critter. When life gets boring, Taryn’s imagination gets going. Taryn turns everyday activities into furry adventures in purrrfect kitty style. In what creative way will Taryn Amelia express herself next? What ...

  • My Blanket


    It's the miracle of a child with their new exciting skill of reading that I love so much. And when they can find themselves in the story, it becomes even more profound. After reading My Blanket, my granddaughter Malia, was convinced that this story ...

  • Invisibles


    Ever wonder where that missing sock went? How about that last piece of a puzzle set? Are these items just lost? Maybe, or perhaps the Invisibles had something to do with it. The Invisibles are adorable, imaginative creatures that like to hide and ...

  • Dragons Can't Spell


    Jimmy’s dreams were usually very silly. But on this night - the night before the spelling bee, Jimmy’s silly dreams never came... For free “Dragons Can’t Spell” lesson plans and other teacher resources go to

  • Molly McFrost Gets Lost


    Reading with young children will set them up for success and feed their thirst for knowledge! This charming story will engage young listeners and readers as they embark on a journey to find their own way. The rhythm and rhyme of the words will ...