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  • Princesses Don't Wear THAT!


    Princess Nora loves to wear beautiful dresses and dislikes wearing anything else, no matter the weather! Through autumn, winter, spring, and summer, Nora’s mom shows her that princesses have more fun when they wear the right clothes for the right ...

  • Minnie has Style


    “Minnie Has Style!” is a story about a free-spirited little girl who dresses to make herself feel happy! The story explains the importance of being proud of yourself and the difference between fashion and style. Minnie, the titular character, wants ...

  • Andie's Polka-Dot Dress


    Andie adores her polka-dot dress. She wears it in the spring, in the summer, in the fall, and in the winter—even if she has to get creative to make it weather appropriate. When Andie outgrows her polka-dot dress, she is very upset…until she uses her ...

  • Mya's Big Imagination


    Mya loves to play dress-up. Her big imagination lets her become anything she likes—a princess, a superhero, or even a puppy! Mya’s imagination gives her new ideas every day—until one morning when it doesn’t. What happens when Mya is stuck being just ...

  • The Elephant's Shoes


    The Elephant’s Shoes is a children’s book about love, loss, and healing. We all make decisions in our life—some that make us happy, and some that we regret. Author Charity Yoder believes that everyone, even young children, can better learn how to ...

  • Escape to Sock Mountain


    We’ve all lost socks in the laundry. But where do they go? When young Carter hears strange sounds coming from the hamper one night, he discovers the answer. Four unhappy socks are tired of getting mixed in with all those dirty clothes, and they’re ...

  • Kanatipillar's New Shoes


    Artist and now author, Renee Barnes has created loving and lively characters who share in one adventure after another. In book one, Kanatipillar’s New Shoes, Winslow the owl and his close friend Montebello the giant mushroom are taking a morning ...

  • The Butterfly Girl


    Missy is really excited to start second grade. While enjoying the first day’s walk to school, a lovely butterfly suddenly swoops down and lands upon her hair-bow. She shoos him off, but he comes back to circle around several times. Every day after ...

  • Bubble Gum On My Shoe


    Life gives everyone challenges and there are many ways to over come the difficult ones. Children seem to find the easiest way with a little thought, a moment of quiet and the problem is solved. During a day of running errands with her ...