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  • Magical Unicorn

    The Super-Duper Triplets by

    Lacy, Lexy, and Lucy are triplets. Dad helps them build their very own library. The girls soon discover that when they join hands, they have the ability to magically enter books. Will they be able to help Rainbow the unicorn find her horn? Follow ...

  • Benny Bunny's New Book


    Benny Bunny has just been given a brand-new book for his birthday! It might be the most exciting book in the world…but Benny isn’t sure, because he doesn’t know how to read! He’ll have to find someone to read it to him if he wants to know for ...

  • Book Club


    Sometimes while reading, Kat swears that books come alive in her hands, taking her to distant places and on grand adventures. But it’s not just her imagination when she and Stew, the only members of Oakmeadow Elementary’s Book Club, discover living, ...

  • Tome Raiders of the Domesday Church

    A Jacob Wheeler Mystery by

    When Jacob Wheeler transfers to Millie’s private school in England, he laments the thought of living in his cousin’s “perfect” shadow. But when Jacob is suspended from school for stealing, Millie is convinced that Jacob has been framed. Granny ...

  • Daniel: The Age of Discovery


    Daniel French is the twelve-year old son of one of the world’s wealthiest men. Daniel may be rich in resources, but he is definitely poor in emotional ties with people and practically bankrupt in social skills. Ignored by his parents and mistreated ...

  • A Man and His Books


    This fun and whimsical tale shares the story of a man’s library coming to life while its owner is away. Readers will be delighted as the library’s residents hold nothing back in a true battle of wits. A Man and His Books is sure to entertain ...