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  • Frosty the Lamb


    Frosty the lamb was born on a bitterly cold winter night. He is curious and restless, and as soon as he is able, he begins to explore. He finds a hole in the barn wall and slips through the hole and into the freezing cold night. The snow is up to ...

  • It's OK to be Me!


    “I want to be . . .” Young animals think about how they want to be different. The monkey wants to be a turtle. The squirrel wants to be a giraffe. The bird wants to be a lion. But when their mothers remind them how special they are as themselves, ...

  • Pizza in Bethlehem?


    Max, a very hungry rat, is searching for the best pizza on Earth as he follows his nose and his imagination through the streets of Bethlehem. Led by his rumbling stomach, Max discovers it is not pizza and gouda the shepherds spoke of but rather ...

  • Max's Best Day Ever!


    A young rat is having the best day ever on the crowded streets of Bethlehem, stuffing himself with food that has been accidentally dropped. But Max's day gets even better as a surprise awaits him in the barn where he rests. A shepherd boy gives Max ...