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  • Xway, Xway and the Giant Red Cedar


    A long time ago, when the earliest people lived in British Columbia, two twin boys named Xwáý, Xwáý lived in a place that is now known as Stanley Park. Back then, life was hard because Xwáý, Xwáý’s people did not have any tools – that is, until the ...

  • I Saw Love Dancing


    I Saw Love Dancing is about experiencing love in everyday moments, borne from a journey of growth and healing. The illustrations depict moments between a mother and child, set among British Columbia's beautiful lakes and valleys. Big ideas are ...

  • Am I Really Inuk?


    When his daughter questions her Inuit identity, Ataata offers honest and loving affirmations of belonging and acceptance. This heartfelt story addresses themes of identity and ongoing impacts of colonization while cultivating Inuit pride in a manner ...

  • Spirits of the Northern Lights


    “You have a long way to go before you are wise like the old people,” Grandma Grace tells ten-year-old Cora when she leaves her hard-working single mother and spends summers with her grandparents. Each summer, Grandma Grace and Grandpa William teach ...

  • Kerri Berry Lynn


    Kerri Berry Lynn is a little Cree girl from Misipawistik and she has always wanted a big family. Her dog-obsessed Chapan gives her 7 dogs named Peyak, Nîso, Nisto, Nêwo, Niyanan, Nikotwâsik, and Têpakohp. When a mean dog threatens her, Kerri Berry ...

  • The Story of Sammy the Skrunk


    Squirrel + Skunk = Skrunk Sammy’s first day at a new school presents unexpected challenges; not everyone wants to be friends with someone who looks different. Things change when Sammy meets Marcel the Métis and learns that being of mixed ancestry is ...

  • Paths and Journeys

    An original collection of short stories from the heart and soul of Eeyou Istchee, Cree Homeland by

    Like the light and the darkness of life, we all walk on both sides many times, taking our steps carefully and sometimes foolishly, where things may happen, either good, bad or both. I have walked in light and in darkness, and with those people who ...

  • The First Fry Bread

    A Gitxsan Story by

    Fry bread has a significant role in the Gitxsan culture. It is often served both at home and at feasts. The fry bread story has a message for children on the importance of building up their spirits.