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  • Oojakaduck

    Corey Finds His Way Home by

    After a successful fall hunting geese, Corey and Baba prepare to take the canoe trip home. The moon is high, but the night is dark and the journey is long. As Corey wonders how he and Baba will pass the time, he looks up to find the Big Dipper ...

  • Ren's Treasure


    The sudden death of her mother brings a sad, scared and angry Ren Adair to live with her eccentric Aunt Bar (Bear), a bibliophile and historian, in a cottage on Raven’s Cove near Vancouver, British Columbia. There, the twelve year old Ren finds a ...

  • Find Your Feather


    I was encouraged to write and illustrate this book by an individual who is a Native American, who continues to honor and be involved with the people of his heritage. He has successfully blended his Native culture with the modern American world. It ...

  • Legend of the Loons Necklace


    If you’ve ever heard it, you know that Loons have a very distinctive call like no other bird. Their calls echo over many hundreds of Canada’s lakes in spring, summer and fall. But, if you’ve ever seen a loon, you’ll know that they also have very ...

  • Yellowbird


    During a very special summer, Michael learns that the cabin and the lake he has known and loved throughout his childhood is a special and mysterious place that belongs to many. As he sets out one morning to catch a fish, he meets Leland Yellowbird, ...