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  • Ren's Treasure


    The sudden death of her mother brings a sad, scared and angry Ren Adair to live with her eccentric Aunt Bar (Bear), a bibliophile and historian, in a cottage on Raven’s Cove near Vancouver, British Columbia. There, the twelve year old Ren finds a ...

  • Find Your Feather


    I was encouraged to write and illustrate this book by an individual who is a Native American, who continues to honor and be involved with the people of his heritage. He has successfully blended his Native culture with the modern American world. It ...

  • Legend of the Loons Necklace


    If you’ve ever heard it, you know that Loons have a very distinctive call like no other bird. Their calls echo over many hundreds of Canada’s lakes in spring, summer and fall. But, if you’ve ever seen a loon, you’ll know that they also have very ...

  • Yellowbird


    During a very special summer, Michael learns that the cabin and the lake he has known and loved throughout his childhood is a special and mysterious place that belongs to many. As he sets out one morning to catch a fish, he meets Leland Yellowbird, ...