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  • The Planets and Me

    Astrology for the Wild Child by

    The Sun is the centre of who we are. It is the "I am" in each one of us. The Moon nurtures us at night. It represents how we feel and how we care. Mercury is our voice and how we learn and Venus is our style of expression and how we love. Through ...

  • The Asteroid Apocalypse

    The Greatest War in Science by

    We all know what happened to the dinosaurs. Unable to do anything but observe, they watched as an asteroid hurled itself into Earth’s atmosphere and experienced the ramifications of the asteroid’s impact on the planet. Factors such as mass, ...

  • The Children's Moon


    In a marriage of science and whimsy, The Children's Moon is a delightful learning resource for home or school and is suitable for children from three to eleven years of age. OH LOOK, IT’S “THE CHILDREN’S MOON!” During the day, when you look up at ...

  • Hello! This is Earth!


    Hello, This is Earth! I’m fun to Explore. You’ll be entertained if you’d like to learn more. Let Earth take you on a poetic journey where you’ll learn exciting facts about our planet and outer space! Earth is one of eight unique planets in our ...