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  • Miracle Bedtime Stories

    For Children of All Ages by

    Initially this writer had the opportunity to share my personal Miracle Bedtime Stories with an 8-year-old child who would regularly ask, “Sharron, would you tell me a bedtime story?” I thought for a while and replied "Emily, I’m not good at ...

  • The Real Tails of Easy Yoke Farm


    When the Belcher family fulfills a lifelong dream of moving from the big city to a beautiful little farm, they don’t know much about farming. Melody, the youngest daughter, longs for a horse, and Crystal, her sister, wants sheep. But Rosemary, their ...

  • God's One Language

    Teaching Children Than Amongst Our Visible Differences, We Are All The Same by

    Dianne De Jong strives to teach children that amongst our visible differences, we are all the same. While on a mission trip in Haiti, Dianne was speaking with a sweet, faith-filled, elderly Haitian man. Although this man did not speak a word of ...

  • The Love God Has For You


    The greatest, most transformative truth for all people is that God loves us. Through words and illustrations, The Love God Has For You is a delightful excursion into the depth and beauty of His love based on Paul's prayer in Ephesians 3:17-18a.