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    • 54 pages
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  • Keywords
    • prayer,
    • miracles,
    • faith,
    • Christianity,
    • children,
    • Bible,
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Miracle Bedtime Stories
For Children of All Ages
by Sharron Eve Dee

Initially this writer had the opportunity to share my personal Miracle Bedtime Stories with an 8-year-old child who would regularly ask, “Sharron, would you tell me a bedtime story?” I thought for a while and replied "Emily, I’m not good at fairytales but I can tell you stories that are true Miracle Stories. Would you like that?" To my surprise Emily loved the Miracle Bedtime Stories! At one point I wondered, what will I do if I run out of Miracle stories? Much to my amazement, I realized that we live in a world where miracles are happening all around us. All we need to do is open our minds and hearts to receive and to be aware of the world of miracles in which we live. As I shared these stories with the young and old, I was inspired to begin documenting my miracle stories trusting that they would bring hope to a hurting world.

"An inspiring and engaging narration of the beauty of God’s power and faithfulness, Miracle Bedtime Stories is a short collection of stories that will delight children and adults over and over again. Sharron Dee has compiled her own experiences to encourage others and instil hope in a hurting world. From help finding a lost item to gentle nudges in response to prayer, these miracles will touch the hearts of readers and renew their faith in a loving and caring God." -Kerry, FriesenPress Editor

Sharron Eve Dee photo

My mother Elizabeth Gloria Ellett has been instrumental in passing on one of the most precious gifts a parent can give to her child, that is the gift of the knowledge of Gods love and how His Kingdom can come into my life in the here and now. As well, the awareness that His will is done on the earth as it is in heaven. This knowledge opened up the world of miracles to me from a very young age and has followed me throughout my life into the age of maturity and beyond. I've had the opportunity of bringing four children into the wold, raising them to maturity and beyond. After my children left home I began to provide a home for over 10 foster children raising a pair of siblings through 9 of their formative years. While providing foster care, I returned to school to complete my grade 12, spent two years completing my Medical Secretarial Training followed by completing a two year Social Work Program, 2 year addiction program, a prayer counseling program, EMDR training by Dr. Shapiro and finally completing my Bachelor of Social Work undergraduate degree. I went on to work with The Government of Alberta Children Services for 15 years as Case Manager and finally as an Investigator working with Indigenous families. I moved to British Columbia and continue to be a Registered Social Worker in BC currently spending my time writing, gardening and volunteering within the Okanagan Valley community.


Sharron Eve Dee

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