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  • Malo's Amazing Adventures!

    Discovering Kwanzaa and Beyond with Friends by

    Discovering Kwanzaa and Beyond with Friends is the 2nd book in the Malo’s Amazing Adventures! series. It is dedicated to Malo’s 4th Grade Class of 2012 at Wicklund Elementary School and to Kylie Johnson and the students of Woodside Parents Nursery ...

  • Going to Nanoose Bay


    This book is set in Nanoose Bay on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The author’s granddaughter, “Pointing Iris,” was its inspiration. She tells the story of all the things she sees in Nanoose Bay. The book is set in the ...

  • A Loud Whisper

    An Oromo Story by

    “A Loud Whisper” his very first children’s picture book is based on a true story of a boy born to a semi-nomadic family of 1950’s Ethiopia. The Oromo, a nationality to which the author belongs remains a marginalized majority in Ethiopia. As a ...

  • You Look at Me I Look at You


    Look around you. Take a good look. What do you see? Is your community full of beauty and wonder? You Look at Me. I Look at You follows a young girl as she explores her community, where she finds many wonderful and beautiful things to appreciate.

  • Malo's Amazing Adventures!

    Aerial Geography by

    In this episode of "Malo’s Amazing Adventures!", our global explorers Malo and his dad travel from San Francisco, USA to Nairobi, Kenya for Malo’s first trip to his father’s country of birth. The trip exposes Malo to the diversity and richness of ...

  • C is for Coast

    A Lower North Shore Alphabet by

    A unique experience is waiting inside these two covers. Through photos, art and poetry explore the coastal paradise of the Lower North Shore, Québec, affectionately known to Coasters, near and far, as "The Coast".

  • Rikis


    Sasha loved budgies. She had them since her early childhood. When she was at university the war started in her hometown. She had to leave the city together with her Mom. Sasha's father and talking budgie Riki, remained in the city. Sasha was very ...