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  • Hamburger and French Flies

    A Barn Swallow's Story by

    Hamburger and French Flies: A Barn Swallow’s Story is the incredible true story of a barn swallow who survived against harrowing odds. Knocked from its nest when only days old, Raven was taken in by a student named Carol, who was spending her summer ...

  • Look At The Birds!


    Look at the Birds! is a sweet story about a robin family—a Robin Mommy, a Robin Daddy and a whole revolving nest of robin children. It tracks the family’s evolution, from building the nest and hatching the eggs, to feeding the baby birds, singing to ...

  • Huey The Lost Canadian Goose

    Adventures on the Trent River by

    Huey the lost Canadian Goose lives on Myers Island, just south of Campbellford, Ontario, along with Lily, Milly, Ena, Rhonda, and lots of their friends. Their story takes place along the Trent Severn waterway, a water body that is made up of 386 ...

  • Earl's Story


    Here is a sweet, sweeping story about the adventures of a cheeky bird who lost his way from Chile and spent three weeks traveling on the sailboat “Dulcinea” in the Pacific Ocean with a pair of sailors who were delighted to host him. The curiosities ...

  • Decorah Eagles

    A Love Story by

    Welcome to the Nest… …where a true love story between man and nature always existed, but became real to millions of people throughout the world when cameras recorded the nest activities of a family of bald eagles. Together, the people watched and ...

  • B3 the Baby Eagle

    Based on a True Story by

    This book was inspired by the Berry College Eagle Cam, where thousands of viewers watched B3's hatching, growth and development into a juvenile eagle. We all learned to appreciate the rewards and realities of nature and our part in helping to ...

  • Rikis


    Sasha loved budgies. She had them since her early childhood. When she was at university the war started in her hometown. She had to leave the city together with her Mom. Sasha's father and talking budgie Riki, remained in the city. Sasha was very ...