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  • The Welsh Owens

    Squires of Campobello by

    In an age when the political institutions of Europe and America were already democratizing, the owners of a huge parcel of land in North America went the other way, to feudalism. This book is an original study of the patricians who directed the...

  • Plainfolk

    Stories from the Farm about the Impact German-Russian Farmers and Planer Colonists had on Two Countries and Seven Generations by

    Plainfolk: Stories from the Fraess Farm and Planer Colonists is a wide-ranging cultural expedition into a unique diaspora of German-Russian farmers, told in the most personal voice. Here is the tale of the Planer Colonists, of which the Fraesses...

  • Choose You This Day


    The Derksen family has come to Wuestenfelde as refugees from Friesland, Mennonites that have fled the persecution of all Anabaptists, primarily due to the debacle of their takeover of Muenster in north Germany. Misguided followers of Melchior...

  • 38 Hours to Montreal

    William Weller and the Governor General's Race of 1840 by

    Governor General Charles Poulett Thomson is in a hurry. In response to the Rebellion of 1837-38, he has been urgently tasked by his masters in England to modernize and improve the governments in the Canadian colonies. In just three months in...

  • Green Mackinaw

    In Europe 1954-55 by

    A curious and earnestly spiritual Mennonite student at the university of British Columbia leaves for an exchange year in Europe in 1954. Decades later a crusty octogenarian looks back on his idealistic youth through that one year of study and...