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  • Stories by Eldon of Norton


    Eldon Archer has finished putting together his fourth book. A couple of times he declared the book was finished only have another story nagging to be told. Story after story found its way into this latest book. His great memory, the unusual things ...

  • Averting An Iranian Geopolitical Crisis

    A Tale of Power Play for Dominance Between Colonial Powers, Tribal and Government Actors in the Pre and Post World War One Era by

    Caught between the Ottoman Empire to the west, the Russian sphere of influence in the north, and the British colonial territories in India and the Middle East, Iran at the end of the nineteenth century was a hotly contested strategic battleground. ...

  • The New Arcadia

    Tahiti's Cursed Myth by

    SINCE BEING “DISCOVERED ” IN 1767, Tahiti has faced a profound cultural upheaval. From the start, she has been branded with the irresistible dual myth of the Noble Savage’s harmonious Arcadian life and of the vahine’s amorous favours freely granted. ...