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  • Stutthof Diaries Collection

    For Truth & Honor by

    In the early days of World War II, as Nazi Germany brutally invaded and occupied neighboring countries around Europe, hundreds of Norwegian police officers were commanded to carry out the orders of the Nazi occupiers of their homeland – Norway. They ...

  • The Princess Doll's Scrapbook

    Her Families' Emigration/Immigration Story by

    “...imparts evanescent visions of oceans crossed and lands traversed from the late 1800s and grounds the reader to the present time. Beginning in Norway and culminating in Canada, a lovingly crafted outline of the author’s rich family ...

  • The Storks Came Back

    A boy grows up in Denmark under Nazi occupation by

    In April 1940 when his country, Denmark, is invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany, seven year old Morten has no idea how his life and that of his family and all other people in Denmark is about to change. School is interrupted. Danish Resistance ...

  • The Sun Road

    A Woman of Viking Age Iceland seeks Love, Land and Luck by

    In tenth century Iceland a young woman, Thora Thorvinnsdottir, is orphaned at age fifteen, out of a home and close to destitute. Goaded by her misfortune Thora strives to fill in the gaps between the warp threads of her life's weaving pattern — ...