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  • Nation Builders and Enemy Aliens

    Four Centuries of German Experience in Canada by

    Today German Canadians are among Canada’s most assimilated and highly regarded citizens, often distinguishable from other Canadians by their name only. For centuries their pioneer farmers, economic developers, industrialists, professionals, ...

  • We Will Not Die Here


    In this redemption tale, an unlikely friendship offers a glimpse into the resilience of the human spirit. During the Battle of the Bulge in the frozen winter of 1944, Henry Gerald Briggs, a deserting American soldier, stumbles across the German ...

  • Broken Kaleidoscope Syndrome

    Daughter of the Soviet Union by

    Two years after Uncle Stalin led the Soviets to victory in the Great Patriotic War, Mama brings Mila home from the delivery ward. Aunt Nastya takes one look at the baby and states her heels are too skinny, a sign she doesn’t belong to this world. ...

  • Anne-Josèphe

    A Stage Play by

    Anne-Josèphe: A Stage Play brings to life the historic Anne-Josèphe Théroigne de Méricourt, a commonly overlooked revolutionary who fought for liberty and equality for women during the French Revolution. Bold and passionate about effecting change, ...

  • Blood and Glass

    Leaders of Vision in Medieval England and the Tragic 'What If' of Vietnam by

    What might the world be like today had President John F. Kennedy lived to be reelected? And is human nature a universal condition or one that changes with the society of its time? The profiles of four English royal leaders in the fifteenth and ...

  • The Murphys of Rathcore Rectory


    A complex character, angry and aggressive, James Murphy was not an easy husband or father. But all his children said "He made a God out of education." He had found education to be his gateway out of poverty, his way to leave a countryside still ...

  • Choose You This Day


    The Derksen family has come to Wuestenfelde as refugees from Friesland, Mennonites that have fled the persecution of all Anabaptists, primarily due to the debacle of their takeover of Muenster in north Germany. Misguided followers of Melchior ...

  • TOPORIVTSI: My Grandparents' Village

    How the Ukrainian People Survived as a Nation by

    This book essentially started out as a personal voyage of discovery. Did any Galagans still remain in Ukraine after all these years and what had our Canadian ethnic Ukrainian families “missed” as a result of our grandparents immigration from Ukraine ...

  • The Mysterious Druids


    Few subjects have inspired more fascination throughout the centuries than the druids, but were they really as mystical and mysterious as they are often portrayed? In an absorbing mix of scholarly presentation and entertaining stories from folklore ...