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  • Broken Kaleidoscope Syndrome

    Daughter of the Soviet Union by

    Two years after Uncle Stalin led the Soviets to victory in the Great Patriotic War, Mama brings Mila home from the delivery ward. Aunt Nastya takes one look at the baby and states her heels are too skinny, a sign she doesn’t belong to this world. ...

  • Pathway Through Peril

    A Journey of Hope by

    For the colonies of Mennonites living in the fertile, prosperous part of Russia known as the Ukraine in the early twentieth century, life was idyllic. Paradise, some called it. The moderate climate, lush fields of grain, abundant orchards and ...

  • Long Journey Home

    A Prague Love Story by

    A four-year-old girl survives a harrowing escape across the heavily armed border of Czechoslovakia with her mother and brother after the Communist takeover in 1948. The family leaves everything behind to flee to freedom in Canada. Years later, as a ...

  • Icons of Russia

    The Book Russia Begins From by

    “Icons of Russia” is a glorious revelation of Russia’s cultural and historical heritage as well as its modern achievements gathered in a beautiful full color book. The book brings the reader a cornucopia of the achievements, skills and inventions of ...

  • Suddenly, a Criminal: Sixteen Years in Siberia


    "Those among us who survived," says Melanija, "did so because we were unbelievably full of the determination and will to live, and faith in our ultimate liberation, as well as because all the disasters arose unexpectedly." From her own and some of ...

  • Polina

    A Novel in Three Parts by

    It is 1918 in S-, a small town not far from Moscow. Rozanov and his family have fled the capital because of food shortages and political unrest. In S- Rozanov nearly completes a manuscript he has been working on in secret—Polina. Polina is ...