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  • Patriarch

    The Abe Bickman Family History by

    Shortly before his death, Abe Bickman (the "Patriarch") gave his son, David, his modest family archive. This archive comprised: an envelope, postmarked in 1948 and with a return address in Brazil, in which were contained several black & white ...

  • The Remnants

    A Story of Reconciliation Between Judaism and Christianity by

    The Remnants tells how Jewish composer and Shoah (Holocaust) survivor A. Peter Gary was captured by the Nazis at age seventeen and incarcerated in three concentration camps during WWII. As well, it tells the touching story of Peter’s friendship with ...

  • Dreams of Re-Creation in Jamaica

    The Holocaust, Internment, Jewish Refugees in Gibraltar Camp, Jamaican Jews and Sephardim by

    Diana Cooper-Clark has written a book that uncovers a ‘hidden’ history in the Holocaust narrative. The stories of seventeen Holocaust survivors who escaped to Jamaica and who are among the last eyewitnesses to the Shoah are inspiring. As well, she ...

  • We Shall Be Called Israel!


    The exciting story of how the Jews, in the face of violent opposition of five Arab armies and Palestinian Arab guerrillas, and the implacable hostility and obstructive tactics of the British, ushered the State of Israel into being. Appreciate how, ...