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  • The Mysterious Druids


    Few subjects have inspired more fascination throughout the centuries than the druids, but were they really as mystical and mysterious as they are often portrayed? In an absorbing mix of scholarly presentation and entertaining stories from folklore ...

  • Intrepid's Last Secrets: Then and Now

    History, Spies and Lies by

    In this engrossing follow-up to The True Intrepid, author Bill Macdonald explores secrets only hinted at in that book. The WW II Macdonald explores secrets only hinted at in that book. The WW II Canadian spymaster William Stephenson - known widely ...

  • The Black Magic Gang

    Jack the Ripper Case Reopened – Book #1 of the Saga by

    Between April of 1888 and February of 1891, eleven ghastly murders took place in London's East End. They were recorded in the Metropolitan Police docket as: “The Whitechapel Murders.” Ten of the victims were known prostitutes. The other, was the ...

  • From Poverty to Poverty

    A Scotsman Encounters Canada by

    Raised by a single mother on welfare during the 1930’s depression and World War II in the Scottish Highlands, Ian spends his childhood trying to get enough to eat and stay warm. During an adolescence apprenticed to a drunken blacksmith, he also ...

  • The Picts of Scotland


    Once the dominant culture in the northern reaches of the British Isles, the Picts, renowned for the blue tattoos that gave them their name, were known as a formidable enemy by the armies of Roman Emperor Severus. Their prominence rose as early as ...

  • Highland Storytellers


    HIGHLAND STORYTELLERS is a work of creative nonfiction. The narrative finds its basis in the tragic story of the exodus of the Highland Scots from their homeland in the early 1800s and in their noble efforts to create a better life for themselves ...

  • Teddy 'N' Me

    The Blitz And Other Childhood War Memories by

    Peggy (Collins) Halstead was an infant at the beginning of WW II and living in London which was subjected to an enemy bombardment that killed friends and neighbours, destroyed blocks of homes, some next door to her own home – and terrified people, ...

  • Jack The Ripper

    A Killer Slips Not by

    During the Autumn of 1888, the lonely old streets of Whitechapel had just then become left barren after the recent murder of Mary Ann Nichols, another downtrodden prostitute found to have been left mutilated with her throat slashed in Bucks Row. And ...

  • The Druid Tree


    The Roman era in Britain produced a time of population movement within its borders. One such group traveled from North West of the island to the relative peaceful area around the City of Litchfield in the heart of England. Their deep rooted beliefs ...