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  • Down Thru Love

    The 21st Journey by

    Down Thru Love is a heartfelt story about a young man named Peyton Love, his journey of being born with Down syndrome, and his triumphs of life through self-realization, forgiveness, and love. Peyton Love’s life has been full of challenges, but he ...

  • A Master Plan of my Love Life


    Anthony falls in love. His story throws a bright shaft of light on the miss-trusts, the family secrets and the lies, whilst dealing with his mom’s mental illness, her cancer, and his errant father. Imelda, Anthony’s mom, persistently interferes with ...

  • Lily's Story

    From the Congo by

    In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), inhuman conditions within its vast mining industry, and endemic corruption at the highest levels of government are hardly uncommon. But when native son, Jean Amani, rises to the role of minister of ...

  • Another Glass of Tea


    A captivating story of love, loss, family, and friendship from debut author Katherine Ward. Fiona, a teenager from Canada, embarks on the ultimate adventure — a year abroad in Turkey. Though leaving her loving family has her nerves on edge, she is ...

  • Lost Cain

    A Novel by

    CAIN MCALLISTER’S birth on the bank of the Mississippi River during an earthquake becomes a small-town story of infamy and forever changes the strong, troubled women who love the little boy. Though shunned and bullied throughout his childhood, ...

  • Friends

    A Collection of Short Stories by

    This book includes six short stories all unrelated to each other. One story is true while the others are based on a bare minimum of fact and are almost totally fictional. The themes range from kids on vacation to murder to assisted dying and more. ...

  • Romero Pools

    A Story of Love by

    TOO MANY SECRETS Twenty-three-year-old Marin is trying to move on. It’s been three years since the tragic car crash that left her and Tyler in comas. Now having started a new life in Tucson, she is trying hard to leave the past behind. But Tyler ...

  • The Beckoning Sky


    llse is healing from a failed marriage as a result of her mother’s betrayal. Ziltan is the sole caregiver to his abusive father. When he dies a secret is revealed which shatters Ziltan’s entire world. Through these two very different lives coming ...

  • The Reunion


    The Reunion tells the story of six close friends from India. It begins in Hyderabad and chronicles their destinies from the 1960's as they navigate religious, cultural, political and caste differences in and around their families. After they ...