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tragic accident, secrets and lies, amateur detective, love story, Romero Pools, Arizona, Toronto

Romero Pools
A Story of Love
by Alyssa Hall


Twenty-three-year-old Marin is trying to move on. It’s been three years since the tragic car crash that left her and Tyler in comas. Now having started a new life in Tucson, she is trying hard to leave the past behind. But Tyler had been the love of her life and, not really knowing what had been his fate, she just can’t let him go. While hiking near Romero Pools, in the Santa Catalina Mountains, hoping for some solace, Marin discovers a badly injured Adam high on the mountain trail. Marin finds him easy to talk to, and while they make their way to safety, she tells him her incredible story of survival and loss. But she also reveals there are mysteries around the accident and its aftermath that continue to confound her, making it hard for her to get on with her life. Before his return to Toronto, Adam is unable to re-connect with Marin to repay her kindness in seeing him safely down the mountain. Once back in Canada, feeling he wants to do something to thank Marin, Adam makes it his mission to find some answers and help uncover some of the secrets that plague her. With only a few details, Adam doesn’t have much to go on, so he enlists the help of a private detective in Washington, where the car crash happened. As each new detail emerges, Adam inadvertently begins to unravel a much bigger story of secrets, lies . . . and possibly murder.

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Alyssa Hall was born and raised in Newmarket, Ontario, but she now lives in Langley, British Columbia, with her husband, David. Alyssa writes from the heart and about places and themes she knows well. Her third novel, Romero Pools, takes the reader on a journey from the Toronto area to Tucson and Oro Valley, where Alyssa has been living during the winter months, and has spent much time exploring the area. Also the author of Wanting Aiden (Friesen Press, April 2021) and Trusting Claire (FriesenPress, December 2020), Alyssa expertly weaves some of the characters from these two books into her third. Although each book is individual and unique and can be read in any order, having knowledge of the characters from the first book will enhance the story. Find out more about Alyssa and her books at her website:


Alyssa Hall

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