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  • Hide nor Hair


    For seven years, Claire thought she was living the perfect life with the perfect partner. Julie was everything she thought she wanted, and together on a tiny island in the Salish Sea the two lived as one, laughing together, making love every day, ...

  • I Only Make Love In Montreal


    This stunning debut collection of stories draws heavily on the author’s memories of growing up in Trinidad and explores themes of family, faith, race, child abuse, sexuality, and otherness. In one story, a young boy experiences his first signs of ...

  • The Origin of the Sky


    "I have heard there is a place where the sky touches the earth. No, that isn't even it, more than that; it is the very origin of the sky. It is the place where the stars spiral from, and converge again. It is the end of everything and the birthplace ...

  • No Sweeter Touch

    A Story of Loss and Redemption by

    A riveting and engrossing love story, NO SWEETER TOUCH follows the vivacious widow and the introverted only child of Professor Barton Reeves. In their quest for completion and through their evolving relationship, the grieving stepmother and ...

  • Angel


    Lucika Roggy has built a life around the struggles of helping his drowning mother keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. When he meets Kaia Arche, he soon realizes that this haunted customer is different than the bastards he knows too ...

  • Beyond the 14th Floor


    A storm rages through Philadelphia causing a city-wide power outage. Three strangers are thrust into an arduous and unexpected situation when they are suddenly trapped together in a high-rise elevator. With little food or water, their desperation ...