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  • Jacob of Abbington Pickets


    Just before the turn of the 20th century, Jacob Hudson grows up on a farm in the Canadian prairies, near the small village of Abbington Pickets. As a child, he witnesses an incident that scars him deeply and leaves him unable to trust or understand ...

  • Jacob's Place

    From the series of Abbington Pickets by

    It was the best time in Jacob Hudson’s life. He was about to marry Abigail Rodgers, his best friend and love of his life. Together they would build their dream home and start a family. Jacob’s carpentry business was successful and he was closer than ...

  • I am Cadillac

    Life Lessons from a Horse by

    The horse named Caddie knows he can’t be the leader of the herd. Stocky, powerful and stubborn, he watches leaders come and go on the Triple R Ranch, but he will never be in their shoes. He gets the opportunity of his life when a new colt arrives ...