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  • The Cul-de-Sac

    No Way Out by

    Welcome to the cul-de-sac, situated in England in 1968. Life is freer than in the post war 50s, but not for everyone. Bored with her marriage, Patty carries on a string of affairs, which she calls her “projects”. Dan, her husband, a hard working ...

  • The Scent of Lilacs


    The scent of lilacs, poetry, and classical music bring Marla and Adam together after Marla's high school boyfriend is convicted of murder and disappears from her life. The charming, brilliant Adam promises Marla a life of culture, luxury, and family ...

  • Children at Risk


    Lillian, a social worker, is used to making tough decisions involving families. Widowed in her 40s and haunted by a tragedy from early in her career, she’s been struggling to find her footing. Especially with two troubling cases that are making her ...

  • Devotion from the Shadows


    April Jackson is a young woman trying to recollect herself after experiencing a drastic life change. She's struggled through a sabbatical from her nursing career, a failed long term relationship and the difficulties to financially support herself. ...

  • Skyeholm


    During a visit to her hometown of Braxton, Skye and her friends are kidnapped from their hangout at a local park. They wake up in an attic, unsure where they are, how they got there, and who is responsible. It doesn't take Skye long to realize that ...

  • Bernice


    When shy young Bernice meets Will Webber in her parents’ drapery store, she can have no way of knowing that the love that grows between them will be the spark that ignites generations of heartbreak, overlapping layers of family dysfunction, and ...

  • The Pretty Place


    Ivy Marshall wasn’t expecting the summer before starting high school to end the way it did. She had so many plans, from exploring the sprawling back fields of her town with her best friend, Robyn, to swimming in the muddy waters of Lake Scugog. ...

  • Stepping Stones


    SOFIA ADAMS' Stepping Stones is the shocking conclusion of The Legs Trilogy. The ugly truths that have plagued Suzanne Thompson and Robert LeClure in Adams' previous books, Legs and She, Who Kissed His Feet, are finally exposed! The saga novel ...

  • Reunions


    Elle thought her life was perfect. She had a strong marriage, two amazing sons, a summer house, and a successful and creative career. Then, out of the blue, her husband of thirty years leaves her for another woman. Struggling to pick up the pieces ...