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  • The Cul-de-Sac

    No Way Out by

    Welcome to the cul-de-sac, situated in England in 1968. Life is freer than in the post war 50s, but not for everyone. Bored with her marriage, Patty carries on a string of affairs, which she calls her “projects”. Dan, her husband, a hard working ...

  • Femme Devereux


    Swiss homicide detective Angeline Devereux arrives on the scene of a murder in gloomy Lindenhof Park. The victim’s lifeless body is found shoved inside the wooden box normally home to the oversized wooden chess pieces for the outdoor chessboard. ...

  • The Killing Farm


    A remote, government-run facility in Saskatchewan called The Farm, offers terminally ill patients an opportunity to die on their own terms, and the sky is the limit. Some choose a quiet, peaceful passing, while others choose more elaborate, ...

  • Mother May I?


    Mother May I? is a harrowing new psychological thriller about a woman who finds her life spiraling out of control after she returns from a Mexican vacation. Struggling with post traumatic stress, Lucy agrees to go away for a week of sun and fun with ...

  • Dual Reprisal


    A man’s life is saved. A romance blooms. A killer is born. Lucas Hart is a small-town lawman in 1950s Texas, who refuses to kill. He prides himself on being able to bring justice to the citizens of Barton without ever putting their lives in danger. ...

  • In The Beauty Of Their Dreams


    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees all the world’s people the right to life, liberty, protection against cruelty and torture, and equal justice before the law. So why, then, is our world so broken? In the Beauty of Their Dreams ...

  • The Pallbearer


    Young women aren’t safe in Oshawa with a sadistic serial killer on the loose. Detective Sergeant Hannah Phillips is fierce and dogged as she tirelessly works to find out who is behind the abductions and murders of young women around the Ontario ...

  • Nightshades


    Brimming with horror, tragedy, suspense, and a hint of the supernatural, Nightshades is an anthology set in the Canadian Prairies and perfect to read on a stormy night. Told with poeticism and honest mercilessness, these thrilling tales explore the ...