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  • Beneath the Surface


    The stories in this collection follow characters as they navigate family life, guilt, grief, love, and the consequences of their good intentions. They, and the reader, see the surfaces of characters and situations, and then discover the surprises ...

  • Exciting World Adventures


    Exciting World Adventures is a collection of short stories that take place around the world, in settings ranging from Africa all the way to the Arctic. Some tales are fictional depictions of people from vastly different places and walks of life, ...

  • Finding Joy after Sorrow

    The Collected Works of Beth Carol Solomon by

    In her collected works, Finding Joy After Sorrow, author Beth Carol Solomon explores the impact people have on one another and the courage it takes to overcome adversity. This rerelease of the author’s Collected Works—originally published in ...

  • Shoe on the Road

    A book of Short Stories by

    Shoe on the Road is a collection of short stories examining the origins of deserted footwear. Inspired by real events, the stories deal with real-life issues—everything from drug abuse to poverty to physical and sexual abuse—that eventually lead to ...

  • Monkey Tales and Other Short Stories


    Monkey Tales and other Short Stories is a collection of 14 short stories based on the author’s life growing up in East Africa, his global travels, experiences working in Canada and abroad, and more. Hirji deftly blurs the boundaries between memoir ...

  • Life Orbits The Barn

    ...and other short stories by

    Lyndenn Behm draws on personal experience to tell stories set in the world of Prairie farms, small towns and First Nations. Some of the tales are pure in their sincerity; others are comical and may seem far fetched, but people who have lived in ...

  • Extra Ordinary


    This thoughtful and beautifully written collection of short stories follows the individual lives of a group of interconnected individuals, each doggedly navigating the often humorous, sometimes tragic, and always fascinating twists and turns of ...

  • Tales from Alberta Muskeg Country


    Alive with the wild sparkling of snow-covered trees, visited by ephemeral moose, and crackling with the fire of northern spirit, Tales from Alberta Muskeg Country is an electrifying and truly Canadian debut. Echoing with the wonder of the vast ...

  • Many More TC's Tales


    Many More TC'S Tales is the third volume of a trilogy of short stories by Thomas McCavour. Prairie Girl is the story of a young woman who becomes famous by sketching portrait figures and flowers. Jimmy became Prime Minister of Canada and had to ...