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  • Nu-Ma

    Touched by Heaven by

    Ambition, love and greed are often the raw ingredients that can benefit, define or plague a given life experience. Within the midst of these divergent and often corrosive elements, Benton finds himself desperately at odds while striving to unravel ...

  • Project Spacemine

    The Project Gets Off The Ground by

    It’s New Year’s Eve, and the Six are on top of the world (and each other!) at the prospect of Project Spacemine becoming a reality against the odds. With the benevolent support of omniscient aliens, the financial backing of a billionaire, and an ...

  • Project Spacemine

    The Project Begins by

    What if aliens really do want the best for us and our planet? Dr. Isaac St. Clair was a NASA mission specialist — until his program was defunded, that is, and he ended up a divorced, mediocre used car salesman estranged from his family. Mark Randall ...