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Ceres, Dwarf Planet, Asteroids, Dawn Spacecraft, Moon Colonies, Mars Colonies, Science Fiction

Touched by Heaven
by D. M. Culliford

Ambition, love and greed are often the raw ingredients that can benefit, define or plague a given life experience. Within the midst of these divergent and often corrosive elements, Benton finds himself desperately at odds while striving to unravel the secret plans of Quadra’s Corporate Empire and its three powerful moguls. Plans that will herald the coming of world shattering changes that will threaten the population of eleven billion on Earth, as well as the moon and Martian colonies.

In this tense sci-fi thriller, Benton and Elnora are caught in a cunning fight against all odds, for their own survival, the survival of humanity and all other species.

D.M. Culliford is a Canadian born author who enjoys family life and found an interest in writing after retirement. He has spent many years doing non-profit volunteer work in addition to maintaining a full time career. He enjoys an interest in the antiquities, the arts, sciences, esoteric studies, meditation and many other fields. The author believes that we are still in the age of heroes because of the many good people who selflessly help others and who can be found in every country, occupation and culture of the world. He also believes that it is the hopes and dreams of these quiet heroes that have left us the legacy of human achievements and modern conveniences for us to enjoy. It is they instead of artifacts who are the real national treasure in each and every country of the world, and in every age.

Nu-Ma is the author’s first fiction novel to be published.

D.M. Culliford resides in Canada with his family.


D. M. Culliford
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D. M. Culliford

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