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  • Collectanea


    “Your mother made me promise to send you this box if she did not return from her expedition… she wanted to ensure you would find the answers you needed to uncover the truth about your destiny.” The Grand Collectanea is where it all begins… When ...

  • The Conscript


    In a solar system with five planets, each with its diverse race of people, skin color, and beliefs, war breaks out between Cronos and Atheni. The Athenians land six battalions in a small town on the Southern Ocean of Cronos and fight their way ...

  • The Three Hundred Year Old Paradigm Shift

    Ka-Leena by

    Since the dawn of time humanity has been at war with itself. Brother vs brother endlessly fighting over resources and world domination. Carelessly and without scruples, Kings and Queens have been ruling their lands without concerns to human ...

  • Break Out

    Book II by

    Having already fended off planetary destruction by a malicious alien race, the denizens of Earth are now keenly aware that they are not alone in the universe. The Earth Protection Services (EPS) has been established, and for the first time, humans ...

  • Mayapan


    In an attempt to fulfill an important mission to save an entire civilization, three planetary federation spaceships take off from the Algol Solar System. Due to a failure in the solar reactors, one of the spaceships is forced down and directed ...

  • Mars Greening


    Human colonies have been established on Mars, after the first manned mission inadvertently began to terraform it. Young Tony Rust, a geosurveyor in the New Europa colony, has made a curious discovery, which at first glance seems to be of little ...

  • The Cosmic Seeders


    John and Janet Marshall are covert operatives on a mission to meet a strange alien race from a distant galaxy. When they arrive, they find themselves between two warring armadas bent on war. Their infant son, born in space, is killed in the battle, ...

  • Rise of Aen


    An empire set out a millennium ago in a galaxy wide search for a fabled creature of immense power, only to end up stranded on Earth. Faced with desperation, the last member of the expedition must undergo genetic manipulation to complete her ...