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  • Of Love & Stardust


    It’s the summer of 2012, when Demir first sees Phen in a crowded Istanbul restaurant. Their eyes meet and it feels like everything has led them to this moment, like an inevitable stellar explosion. However, their moment of pure bliss is short-lived ...

  • Tango


    For 26-year-old Jessica Coxwell, life in Kentucky horse country is almost idyllic. She’s married to a college professor and has an exhilarating career as stable manager for the wealthy O’Connell family. During routine house-cleaning, Jess makes a ...

  • Nursing for the Faint of Heart


    Lauren, a first-year nurse, wonders if she’s up to the challenge of her first job. After four years of nursing school and three months of job searching, she’s finally landed a position on the surgical orthopedics ward of a major Vancouver hospital. ...

  • There's So Much I Need to Say to You


    Taryn Taylor knows the only thing worse than growing up in the shadow of a rock star is gaining your own spotlight—then losing it. She’s powerless as she watches the lead singer of their indie band destroy everything they’ve worked so hard for, ...

  • Ghost

    A Murder Mystery by

    Lana Morris has always dreamed of becoming a guardian. With her investigative eye and ability to read minds, she’s perfectly suited for stopping crime. But in a world ruled by men, she is forced to find another usage for her mind reading Gift. But ...

  • The Sonata

    Allegro by

    Fate brings people together, and also tears them apart. Can two people survive the tumult of life—family obligations, economic stress, and complicated relationships? An instant attraction sparks when Sophia and Caleb meet as co-workers at ...

  • When One Door Closes


    After living through tragedy, Riley was content to remain alone. She wasn't searching for romance nor did she expect to fall in love again. Kane wasn't looking for love, but it found him. Now all he has to do is convince the woman of his dreams ...

  • Whatever It Takes

    The Sequel to Everything I Believed by

    After a whirlwind wedding at the beautiful Gallo estate in Bergamo, Italy, it seems that the drama that haunted Sam and Danny’s early relationship can finally be put behind them. They cannot know, as they fly to Paris – their first destination on a ...

  • Please Don't Go

    Volume 4: The DeLaine Reynolds Journey by

    DeLaine is embarking on an intense and surprising journey through the junior high jungle of 8th-grade. Now an upperclassman of the newly minted and rebuilt Milam Junior High, she, along with her best friend, Bailey Rains, encounter many new, ...