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  • The Restaurateur


    Over the decades, Toronto restaurateur James DeMilo has built an empire. But when an incident--the apparent suicide of a staff member-- reveals a different kind of disturbing incident, his world quickly begins to unravel. With his hands-on style ...

  • Onions and Oranges

    A Willis Prescott Mystery by

    After twenty-five years with the Sacramento Police Department, Willis Prescott has now spent almost ten years as a private investigator. So far, many of his cases have been rather straight forward—that is, until Will receives a call from Lorna ...

  • In a Quiet Little Village


    It was The Sixties – flower power, woman’s lib, free love – and everyone was having fun. Except Brian Adamson, twenty-six years old and still trapped in a claustrophobic existence dominated by a widowed mother whose life was filled by angels and ...

  • One Bad Day After Another


    Baker Somerset was a Scotland Yard Detective sent to Ottawa to help solve a brutal kidnapping case. After the suspect put four bullets in her, she decided to stay in Ottawa and open her own detective agency. One morning, the body of a British ...

  • Wanting Aidan


    From the author of Trusting Claire comes a compelling new mystery set in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. When Joe Parrott, a somewhat disillusioned private investigator, discovers the body of a woman near his home, he is determined to do her justice ...

  • Black and Blue in Harlem

    A Ross Agency Mystery by

    SJ Rook came to Harlem to re-build a life. You hit bottom, the only way out is up, right? Nice home, nice job, nice girl. With a few breaks, a hard-luck private eye can land on his feet, even if his balance is still shaky. But now that cozy home has ...

  • Operation Noah's Ark


    Climate change having drastically altered life on Earth, Operation Noah's Ark is a secret mission to start over again off-Earth by colonizing Cinderella planets with human, animal and plant life. Recruits to eventually settle on other worlds are ...

  • Bloodlust

    A Harry One Sigh Novel by

    Private investigator Harry Hargreaves and his partner, Sabina Harris, along with the RCMP are investigating the disappearance of a young woman. Unable to find either leads or suspects, the pressure builds. When a young girl from Singapore also goes ...

  • Caught In The Fable


    It is June of 2002, and Jacob Martin, a Denver-based Private Detective, has been contacted by a client about a very old missing persons case. In January of 1950 the client's father, Hollis Wilson, abruptly disappeared from his home in ...