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  • The Banker's Box


    Sometimes a minor incident can have devastating effects. When a brief altercation between two women at an upscale Vancouver hair salon threatens to expose an international Chinese crime boss, flamboyant local banker Neil Mohle and his wife Vivian ...

  • The Map

    A Logan Nash Adventure by

    When eccentric billionaire philanthropist Colton Braxton III is diagnosed with leukemia, he concocts a wild scheme. Always the black sheep of his family, he plans a treasure quest—his chance to be known for what he truly is—a passionate adventurer ...

  • The Source


    "Your holy books are fiction. The rules you follow are not Mine. I am not pleased." These are the words delivered simultaneously by dozens of faith leaders around the world one morning. The leaders speak as if in a trance. They have no recollection ...

  • The Case of Mary-Rose

    A Leonard Stevenson Novel by

    Leonard Stevenson, a retired lawyer, and an indefatigable righter of wrongs, takes up the challenge again in The Case of Mary-Rose, the second book in the Stevenson series. Leonard leads the reader through Central America and the Caribbean as he ...

  • Man on the Run I

    The Hildebrandt Dossier by

    Behind closed doors, the world’s most powerful men make decisions that turn the tides of history. They go to extraordinary lengths to get what they want, even if that means betraying one of their own. Now, a secret half a century old has come back ...

  • Man on the Run V

    Slaves of Circumstance by

    After the June Terror killed hundreds of thousands around the world, Jack Harding knew he had to disappear. Not wanting to risk flying from Europe, he takes the long trip across Russia by train, aiming to get back to the US by crossing the Bering ...

  • Man on the Run

    Volume IV Chaos 25-6-25 by

    In June of 2025, hundreds of planes simultaneously explode, killing hundreds of thousands in the largest coordinated attack in history. Security forces race to find the culprits as governments declare war on their unknown foe. Man on the Run IV is a ...

  • Man on the Run

    Volume III Conspiracy by

    THE GOLDEN RULE: he who has the gold rules In a post-gold world, he who controls the currency rules. By accident, CIA detective Warren Clog discovers a plot that makes no sense except to the parents of Jack, a young man in university. When the ...

  • Caught In The Fable


    It is June of 2002, and Jacob Martin, a Denver-based Private Detective, has been contacted by a client about a very old missing persons case. In January of 1950 the client's father, Hollis Wilson, abruptly disappeared from his home in ...