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  • i Hit

    The Lifestyle People Are Dying To Live by

    Damon is a normal man, with a wife, a child, and a love of hunting. He also happens to be a hitman at the centre of a never-ending gang war. From Italian crime families moving coke across the border to Polish contractors just trying to stay above ...

  • Death of a Tycoon


    Shortly after wrapping up the case of a murdered judge in the small community of Pineview, the discovery of a body on the beach during her early morning jog plunges lawyer Vivian Clarke into yet another murder mystery. Teaming up once again with ...

  • Ridley's War

    When a War Ends the Killing Doesn't Always Stop by

    When Detective George Ridley accompanies his war-vet father Bert to the countryside for a military reunion marking D-Day, he doesn’t expect to become entwined in a murder investigation and an Italian art theft scandal from World War II. But after ...

  • Lady In The Red Hat


    A severed thumb leads an eccentric Mexican homicide detective to the Mafia, Russian mobsters, diamond smuggling, murder, and a lady in a red hat.

  • Inoculum


    Alec Alton is a member of an elite RCMP National Security team investigating a Pakistani drug trafficking organization. But when his suspects turn up dead, Alec joins up with a colleague, a highly specialized and skilled agent. Together, they trace ...

  • Dallas’ Ride


    Dallas is smart, beautiful, and ambitious. Although newly appointed as Sheriff of Desire, Colorado, she is eager to prove herself. So when she hears the National Six-Day Endurance Race—a grueling motorcycle race that has never been won by a woman—is ...

  • A Fine Line

    A Reason to Kill by

    As a young boy, he suffered unspeakable physical and mental abuse at the hands of unfit parents. This forged him into a brutal serial killer. As a man, he possesses great physical strength. He evades police at every turn and considers himself ...

  • Wounded Bride


    The city of Chicago is relentless. Murders and other violent crimes pile up: a woman lies in the hospital in a coma, a man is brutally attacked in his sleep, and a child suffers. Detective Maria Mateo is new to the Chicago Police Department, but ...

  • The Tale of a Dragon


    Jenny Salter is a sixteen-year-old girl on her way home from school one day, excited to share some good news with her grandmother, when she notices something strange: her grandmother’s house is locked and the curtains drawn. Inside, she encounters a ...

  • Death of a Judge


    When the brutal death of a provincial court judge triggers an investigation into a $5 million embezzlement scheme, citizens of Pineview, a small community in central Canada, are left grappling with the shock and sudden tragic loss. In the midst of ...