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  • The War Never Ended


    Christian Wolff, an Austrian officer during World War I, returns home to Vienna a broken man. His marriage falls apart, he becomes an alcoholic and drug addict. He becomes friends with a fellow officer, Alfred, who was treated by Dr. Ernst Simmel, ...

  • Outside The Circle

    A Sequel by

    The Atkinson family is back with a sequel to Golden Ribbons covering post World War One to 1923. Todd and Rachael, now in their late twenties, see their future within a society of changed social norms. Todd, in his role of healer to the injured and ...

  • Golden Ribbons


    In the late 1800s of Scotland, a deadly coal mine explosion leaves seven children orphaned. Adolescents, Rachael and Todd, set out to find their individual paths in middle and upper class environments. Along the way they are met with jealousy, ...

  • Spies, Espionage & Explosions

    A Tale of the North American German Invasion by

    The largest human-made explosion in history happened on December 6, 1917, levelling the cities of Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. But was it truly an accident? Spies, Espionage, and Explosions follow the scheming plans of Germany’s war-time ...

  • The Heathery Isle

    Home by Christmas by

    Scotsman Ewan MacBride and German Peter Baum, both have ‘histories’ from their homelands that force them to stow away aboard a ship bound for Canada. With skills in blacksmithing and cooperage, the two men soon forge a brotherly friendship and ...