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  • Tales My Father Told Me*

    *When Mother Wasn't Home by

    In this original collection of short stories, author E. R. Morris updates classic nursery rhymes and fairytales with a modern, grown-up bent. Written with other adults in mind—especially grandparents—Morris gives these well-worn tales a wry sardonic ...

  • The Irish Within Us


    Strange things happen in Ballybeg when three distant cousins come together as the summer solstice approaches. In the spring of 2016, newly retired Kara leaves her home in Canada on a genealogical quest to rediscover her grandfather’s ancestral ...

  • Lazantis Rising

    World Leaders, Benevolent Aliens by

    Ushaya Landau, sixty-four and recently retired from Trends & Styles magazine company, is looking forward to finally having time to visit her kids, see friends, and relish her gardens...until she is visited by a host of alien titans from the world of ...

  • Dungeon Jest

    The Ruby of Power by

    As court jester of the Kingdom of Opulentos, you, Stultus Insanis Rusticus (or “Stulty,” as you are known throughout the kingdom), have lived your life for one purpose: to entertain the royal family. The happiness you have brought the kingdom has ...

  • Duck Light


    What if an animal could resemble a human, sometimes even more than a real human? Duck Light is the story of Lulu and Rosie: two ducks in love. And, quite frankly, they are bored with life as ducks. The pair are recently engaged and live their lives ...

  • The Care and Feeding of Harry


    It seems Harry Flapper leads a charmed life. But then again, maybe charmed isn’t quite the right word. Because when Harry is around—and even when he isn’t—very strange things seem to happen. Like a moose goring a dune buggy to death. And the ...

  • The Roofers


    Life is anything but boring for a roofing crew of good old Northern Ontario boys who work hard and party harder. This unforgettable cast of characters includes Dillon, Bossman, Brudder, Johnny the Ripper, Glenny, and What – a man of few words who ...