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  • A Menagerie of Eclectic Souls


    REBECCA DISAPPEARED OUTSIDE OF PARIS a few days before Christmas. She was on her way to meet her lover Adriano. After two agonizing months searching, to his shock and horror Adriano finds Rebecca kneeling over the corpse of a rabbit drained of its ...

  • Dawn of Magic

    Rise of the Guardians by

    It’s the year 2103, and Earth is in crisis. Temperatures are increasing dramatically, crops are failing, and humanity is struggling to adapt. As climate change and political tensions between Canada and the United States escalate, a long-dormant ...

  • Bloodborn


    Picture a werewolf. Do you see a full moon dominating the empty night sky, and a half-man, half-wolf monster prowling among the trees? This isn’t even close to the truth. For Nick Campbell, life as a werewolf is just that: his life. It began with a ...

  • Davy

    Child of Bigfoot? by

    Davy is a spellbinding drama which begins in the late 1800s in the Pacific Northwest. The fictional story is rooted in an actual contemporary newspaper account describing the capture of a hominid "ape-boy" who is destined for the freak show. Thrust ...

  • Color My World


    It’s the summer of 1970, a time of free love and drugs in abundance. Rock superstar Mark Fleming and his band Harbinger, from the U.S., have just released their first album which is rapidly climbing the charts. Manager, Tony, has set up a road trip ...