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  • Separated Soul


    When Feline, the High Sorcerer, tries to locate the spirit of his sister sorceress, Porpoise, he is shocked to discover that her soul has been split in two. Half of her lives as an undead dark witch on the northern moors, while the other is a ...

  • Arlinga

    Concerning a Man by

    Hunter was only a mule driver, and the problems of his kingless home did not concern him. But with the rescue of a beautiful slave, and his oldest friend’s connection to the ancient past, he would soon find himself at the center of the struggle for ...

  • Don't Go Swiftly, Darling

    An Ever After Tales Collection by

    It's just the beginning! Don't Go Swiftly, Darling is the second book in a series exploring what happens to the children of those fairy tale characters who lived "happily ever after." Set in 17th century Spain, Don't Go Swiftly tells the story of ...

  • Dream

    A Call to the kNight by

    The Dragon looked through the window, its lips dripping with drool. She was becoming more its play-thing every day and she did not even know it… Wynne took one last look at the flat where her dreams with her husband, Vaughan, and her small son, ...

  • I Bring You Glad Tidings

    It's All About Opposites by

    One night a few years after the tragic death of his fiancée, David Knight has a dream – or is it a dream? In it, his dead girlfriend shows him a diagram of a time machine that he instinctively knows will work. Working in secret, he builds the ...

  • Tangled Destiny


    It is 1778, and the contractual marriage between Christian St. Clair and Catherine Trevane will unite two of the most powerful families in South Carolina. But when Catherine disappears just weeks before the wedding, both families are at their wits ...