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  • Two Souls


    In a world that is nothing like ours, is where this story begins. You follow a man named Axel who lives a troubled life. Everything started from the day he was born, during which his life and his body were forever bound by a curse. Cast out of his ...

  • Haruffa Tales


    Beyond the constraints of Time, Life, and Death, there are powerful unseen forces; these forces oversee the movements of life as the balance between good and evil heaves like the waves of the sea. And within the spiral of time, an eternal love ...

  • The Warriors of Ganthrow


    Betrayal. Brennan Garthran, half-elf prince of the island nation of Ganthrow, along with his twin sister, Lauren, abandon their ancestral home. Forced into exile by a traitorous noble family, they must fight to reclaim their birthright against ...

  • Trinity


    “There are too many secrets.” Until now Trinity had never used magic. He lives in exile, ousted on the night of his birth to a remote priory to be raised with all the feminine grace of a princess, isolated and ignorant of his true heritage. Then ...

  • Seven Wolves of the Sun

    The Legend by

    Since the dawn of creation, Rhuna has held a secret deep beneath the Temple of Osiris - a malevolent force capable of bestowing immortality and unimaginable power to whomever possessed it. The Gods, rather than destroy all of Mythos to stop it, ...

  • Aerion and the Sword of Heroes


    "For I have seen this sword and fought beside one of the heroes of our age. He is a man who had the strength and courage to wield the Sword of Heroes." Cast down to earth from the ethereal den of the Norse gods came a weapon more powerful than all ...

  • Steadfast Sword


    It was called the Steadfast sword. In truth it was never really given a name by its creator. It was a weapon fit for the gods, and yet the gods have never seen it. To the gods the Steadfast sword remains a mystery. What vexes the gods most was that ...

  • Karyana's Journey

    Upon a Star: Tome 1 by

    A star is plucked from the heavens, given mortal form, and sent into the world of Medierth. The love of starborn Karyana is the one slim hope that Reveen, exiled Planar of Magic, has for redemption. Such is the will and mercy of the Divine Council. ...

  • Secret Sorcerer

    Moon Child Memoirs Book 2 by

    High Sorcerer Feline of the Ellfs escapes from the Skethrylln of the Adlamar Spiral to discover that L'Enfant de La Lune escaped from the torches of the Celts. Feline quickly resumes his interrupted mission to fall under attack by an ancient enemy. ...