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  • A Prison Within


    Do I really want to survive this? Thadeus is just 21 years old when a diving accident changes the direction of his life forever. A spinal cord injury leaves him paralyzed from neck to feet, and the activities that once fulfilled him – cars, sports, ...

  • Moxxanne and the Third Zenith


    Tall, buxom and red-headed Moxxanne is a feisty third year law student on a mission. Actually, more than one mission. As a student reporter travelling to Gaylord, Manitoba, she is on assignment to find hometown background on the reclusive author ...

  • Anchor of My Heart

    Memories of a Cape Breton Childhood by

    This book of short stories offers the readers a window into the life of the author as a young boy growing up in New Waterford, Cape Breton in the 1960’s. Focused on simple encounters with family, friends and those who came into his life, the stories ...

  • He Giveth More Grace

    a memoir by

    As a child , born into a rather dysfunctional family and pretty much rejected by my father, I dreamed of marrying Prince Charming and living "happily ever after". Prince Charming came along in the form of my High School teacher and offered to take ...

  • Madness, Addiction & Love


    “Sometimes a grave is not for bodies. It can be for the soul. The tomb of our fate. That forbidding fateful soul contract. For most of my life I have had weighty concerns & fears of living in madness, addiction & love. I either had too much or not ...

  • Fritz Goes to Treehouse


    Fritz is not your average puppy. He sometimes forgets that he is a dog. Find out what Fritz learns when he visits Treehouse.

  • Lola's Rainbow of Friends


    Five-year-old Lola embarks on a journey to the park with her mommies. Upon arrival, she joins her friends who look different than her but who are actually very similar to Lola and her family. Something all families have in common is that they have ...

  • Forgiven


    A compelling and heart-wrenching drama of one mother’s quest to save her son, and the unexpected and surprising lengths a person can be driven to in the name of love. Story of a Canadian family residing in Bolivia at the time; set in Bolivian ...

  • A Year of Intentional Parenting

    52 weekly vignettes gleaned from our work guiding parents in finding their right way to parent by

    What do you do on those days when you love – but don't like – your kids? As educators, parenting coaches and parents themselves, authors Julie Freedman-Smith and Gail Bell deeply understand the day to day challenges of parenting. In 2002 they ...

  • Possum Gallows


    Doctor Ben O'Keefe, psychiatrist and Rachel Mint, the rock star of her time known as Rikki to her ravenous fans, are siblings separated at birth and become coconspirators in a freewheeling dash towards destruction as they try to decipher a past that ...